From Timor Leste: Fund raising by ATT, Peace Center and students

Dear Friends

This morning at National University of East Timor, we from Alter Trade Timor jointly with Peace Center and University student attended press conference on East Timorese solidarity to the Japanese people who are the victim of Tsunami. The conference was recorded by all local media (mass and Electro).

Through the press conference, all student pointed out 4 important solidarity points:

1. Student will place solidarity box  at the each faculty of National university, road site, shopping center, or public site in Dili city for sending the solidarity expression of East Timorese people to Japanese people.

2. Informing to the government and all entities in East Timor that, by solidarity action East Timorese student want to show the solidarity feeling as same as the East Timorese old generation did before and the East Timorese government always attend the natural disaster in East Timor and other country in the world.
3. Asking  all people in East Timor to work together with academic society those who involved in solidarity committee  for the victim of Tsunami in Japan  in order to reach the victim with our solidarity heart as general objective of the action.

4. Asking  all entities, national and international community in East Timor to contribute  to the victim of Tsunami in Japan by welcoming the solidarity box which will be held from April 14 to  April 27, 2011.

Daniel Pereira / Alter Trade Timor

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