Support Message for the VICTIMS of the Nuclear disaster in Japan (KF-RC)

We have received support message from Kaneshige-Farm Rural Campus(KF-RC).

Date: April 23, 2011

To our Brothers and Sisters in Japan,

The disasters that struck your country last March 11, 2011, (earthquake and tsunami) have brought destructions and took the lives and damaged the properties of your people. It killed your loved ones, young and adult, that even until now, thousands are still missing. Farmlands and farm animals were destroyed. Farmers almost lost everything they own. There were news about your dead and missing persons, but there were no report on the dead and missing farm and domestic animals.

Then our fears multiplied when there were reports of blasts in the Fukushima Power Plant. The reactors failed and there were dangers of a meltdown. Everybody knows what will happen next is no ordinary disaster. It will be catastrophic in proportion. Another Chernobyl is in the making. But as it turned out, it is worst than Chernobyl.
We have faith and high regards to the strong will of the Japanese people. It is our belief that it will be very easy for you to clean up and make a recovery if you are only facing the damages created by the earthquake and the tsunami. You have shown it in so many occasions like in the Kobe earthquake.

But now, it’s a nuclear radiation from a blown out nuclear power plant that continues to discharge nuclear waste water in the ocean and nuclear radiation in the air every day. These cannot be cleaned up. And until now, there is no indication that your government and TEPCO, the operator of the nuclear power plant can stop it.

Is the twenty kilometer radius of the “no man’s land’ declared by the Japanese government, the last or just the beginning? What will happen to the farmlands and farming communities within this radius and beyond that were already affected? “Compensations” and “We are sorry” were not enough to repair the damage. Even a statement of “concern” from the Japanese Emperor is not enough. The Japanese government and the nuclear power plant operators should take the blame and responsibility. The Japanese people and the world have warned them about the dangers of operating a nuclear power plant but they did not listened.

We are deeply concerned of the sufferings and anguish of our dear brothers and sisters who survived these disasters in Japan and we voluntarily offer our hands to help whatever we can. We give our condolences and sympathy to the family of those who are dead and missing. And we offer our prayers for the fast and full recovery of those affected by the disasters especially the farming communities and the Japanese people as a whole.

The Kaneshige Farm-Rural campus, with our staff, trainees, networks, and friends from Negros, Northern Luzon and other parts of the Philippines declare our solidarity with the Japanese people, the Alternative People’s Linkages in Asia (APLA)with their peoples’ network all over Asia and other Japanese groups and organizations to demand the Japanese government to END THE CRISIS, FULLY REHABILITATE THE SURVIVORS and STOP THE OPERATION OF ALL NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS…NOW.

And our message to the peoples of the world, NO NUKES NOW! Let’ work for a NUCLEAR Free WORLD!

KF-RC Coordinator

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