* Kave Café

Every moment that we receive information and pictures from Japan we feel very dismay and distressed about this situation, about our friends in Japan. Please we appreciate so much receive information from you and our friends of Alter Trade and his families about the actual situation mainly with the problem in the nuclear plant.

Best regards,

Mariano Punte

East Timor

* Alter Trade Timor (ATT)


Dear all staff of ATJ, APLA, GREEN COOPS, DAICHI, PAL SYSTEM, APF GROUPS and all solidarity groups;
Please accept our solidarity and deep worrying friendship of all of you. Everyday and every time we always watch Japanese Television (NHK) here. We saw so many died people and victims of earthquakes and Tsunami in Japan. From now on whenever we hear info on current situation of Japan we always think of you all.

Our solidarity groups here (from Hera and Ermera) calling me since last two days and asking about you all in Japan. This is very human feeling, please update to us and take care of your self and your family. We are here always with you….

May your GOD bless you and save you always.

Note: Please forward this message to all our solidarity groups.

Best regards

Daniel Pereira

* Kdadalak Sulimutuk Institute (KSI)


I´m very sad every watch the news from television about Japan´s actual situation. We just pray to every brothers and sisters who has died to be rest in peace. Amin…

Take care and God protects you!


Antonieta dos Santos (KSI)


* Les Salines de Guérande

We have followed with a particular attention the consequences of the earthquake undergone by your country.

We hope that all people in your firm as well as your family and relatives have not been touched and we present you, in the name of all members of our Cooperative “Les Salines de Guérande” our sympathy and our support in front of these events.

We are your entire disposal if we could help you in any manner.

We are looking forward to receiving news from you.

Kindest Regards,

Ronan Loison
General Manager

Nicolas Lescuyer
Sales Manager


* PT. Alter Trade Indonesia (ATINA)

Harry Yuli (Right)

Thank God ATJ, APF, APLA staffs and family are all safe.
I pray hopely all members of AI Coop Consumers Cooperative, Maruto Seafood Company is fine.

Please inform us when you get any kind news for AI Coop and Maruto.

Thanks You,

Harry Yuli
Senior Manager

* PT. Alter Trade Indonesia (ATINA)

Yudi (Right)

We are truly feel sorrow on what happen in Japan for the earth quake disaster yesterday.

I already contacted Tami-san yesterday afternoon, and she said that all ATJ staff and family are ok, but she have not know about our friends at Maruto company, AiCoop Miyagi and Niigata Coop and members.
Hopefully they are in safe condition right now, and we will pray for them.

I see on the news that the earth quake was still continue, but with lower magnitude quake, hopefully the earth quake get stop as soon as possible and no more victims.

Lets pray that all the victims and their families are given fortitude and strength for facing the condition.
Would you please inform us if there are any updated information for their condition.
Thank you for your information.

Best wishes,

Yudi Siswanto
Marketing manager


* Jhai Coffee Farmers Cooperative (JCFC)

All of us have heard about the terrible disaster in Japan. and our Chairperson Mr Bouneun and Executive Officer Mr Khamphou also feel very sorry about that.

Looking forward to recieve your Email again soon.

Best Regards.
Thao Thongpachan


* Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee (PARC)

Saleem (The second from the right)

Dear Friends,

PARC staff and its volunteers, Al Reef Company and its employees along with agricultural cooperatives are all following with much sadness the disaster which hit the Japanese people, who are close to us all.

We hope that this disaster will end with the least human and materialistic losses.
With our modest capabilities, we are prepared to help in any way.

Today evening at 6:00 p.m. PARC and Al Reef are organizing a candle evening in solidarity with the friend Japanese people on the central square in Ramallah city, Al Manarah.

We will raise the Japanese flags and mottos confirming the Palestinian people’s solidarity with the Japanese people.

Saleem Abu Gazaleh
Director / Fair Trade Department

* Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee (PARC)

Shadi (Middle)

We thank God that you all ATJ staff and families are fine. And we are really sorry for all the victims who fell yesterday because of the earthquake. It was shocking news to us all.

We pray that everyone in Japan will be safe now and that no further damage shall occur.

Wish Japan and all the Japanese people better days to come,

Shadi Mahmoud
External Relations Coordinator / Fair Trade Department

* Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC)



Hi Tomas, I hope everything is ok with you and your family. This morning I saw on tv the earthquake and the tsunami that hit Japan. I spoke with Tami on skype and she told me that you are all ok, but worried about AICOOP. We are very worried about all of you, AICOOP and Dure. I hope you and your families are all fine.
I am very concerned about the situations and hope it will end soon without taking any more lives.
Please send our regards to everyone and tell them that our hearts are with all of you. We will pray for you guys to end it soon without any more damage.
If you need anything please let us know

Please take care

Kindest regards

Khaled Hidmi (Director), Said Janan (Marketing Manager) and UAWC team


* Al-Khair Business Academy

We are extremely grieved and worried to see the destructions and devastations on media the people of Japan are suffering the current tsunami disaster. It is very painful for all of us and all the time we are watching television channels to know the situation moment to moment.
Due to our long relationship Japanese are very close to us and their pains and discomforts are equally felt by us. We are constantly praying God to help you people and give courage to come out of all difficulties and hardships and give you patience to bear loss of life and property.
God help you.

Best Regards.

From Al Khair Academy


* Alter Trade

GILDA (Middle)

Solidarity Message for Ai Coop Consumer’s Cooperative and to the people of Sendai City and Japan

The world watched in helplessness as Sendai City, Japan was hit by horrifying tsunami last March 11, 2011 after an earlier earthquake that was Japan’s strongest in its history.

Our hearts pour in sorrow and moral anguish to the people who lost love ones and left homeless. We understand the burden of sorrow…that seems joys and laughter were just distant memories. In these times of crisis, we see the best of human characters: people caring from one another.

Allow your friends across the seas…from Negros, to carry some of your loads. We offer our consolations and prayers as you move towards healing of pains. And the ones we lost will forever be with our memories…

The Japan consumer coop movement is among Negros’ best friend. We pray that all be well again.

In solidarity

Marketing Manager

* Cooperative for Rural Development (CORDEV)

Tom (The second from the right)

We are saddened by the effects of the recent disaster in your country. We really do not know what happened to our Brothers out there and so with our partners who are so dear to our hearts.

We knew of the distresful results and all what we can do for now is pray.

Tom Fernandez
BOD Chairman

* Kayapa Ecovillagers Association (KEA), Cooperative for Rural Development (CORDEV)


Dear friends,

I know that no amount of words can provide consolation to the hearts of our brothers/sisters in Japan in this time of immense tragedy that has struck your country. My prayers are with you all.

But knowing Japanese natural strength and resilience as a people, remarkable self discipline and steadfastness will once again carry through in this most trying times

My deepest sympathy,

Greg Lasigan

* New Rural Bank of San Leonardo

Panganiban (Right)

In the name of the Board of Directors, officers, and staff of the New Rural Bank of San Leonardo ( Nueva Ecija ), PHILIPPINES, we send through yourself our most profound and sincere sympathies to the people of Japan.

The tragedies brought by that powerful earthquake and subsequently the tsunami, brought an indescribable tragedy to your people. We are one with you in the firm determination to rise from this most exceptional challenge. Our people and your people have a strong historical bond of friendship and brotherhood. We are most willing to extend any form of solidarity within our means even as our people are anxious to know the fate of some 350,000 Filipinos living and working in your great country.

We will constantly monitor your heroic endeavors to overcome your great difficulties
and would most highly appreciate any proposal from you on how we could be of help.

Hail the heroic people of Japan!

Andres G. Panganiban

United Kingdam

* Twin & Twin Trading Ltd.

We are so sorry about this terrible earthquake and tsunami. Of course we have been watching the awful images on the television. What a disaster which you cannot predict.

ATJ and all of your country are in our thoughts.

Everyone at Twin sends you and all the staff at ATJ our best wishes at this very difficult time.

Best wishes

John Weaver
Senior Coffee Trader

* Twin & Twin Trading Ltd.

We’ve been following it on the news over here and it, it seems to be one thing after another.

I hope that all of your relatives and friends are ok too, I can’t imagine what it must be like for you all.

I believe that we are sending some information out to the producers that we work with, just to let them know that you are all ok, I think John is doing something for this.

Best wishes,

Nicola Bunting
Twin & Twin Trading Ltd.

* Cafedirect

Firstly may I say our thoughts are with you and your family and friends at this time of tragedy.
We hope you and all ATJ employees are ok and coping in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami.

Leanne Casewell
Supply Chain Assistant

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