Balangon Farmers donate banana to victims

1.ATJ provided Balangon banana for victims.

  • ATJ provided 100 cartons of balangon banana in the middle of March. Half of them were delivered to the displaced people with Ai Coop Miyagi and Pal System transport service while another half by Ai Coop Miyagi, Homeless Support Network Seindaiand Green Coop.The displaced appreciated Balangon banana so much for easy intake and rich in nutrition.
  • ATJ contributed 30kg of balangon banana to Kanda Syoukai Inc. which has provided meal servicesto the tsunami victims in Iwaki City, Fukushima.

    2.Balangon Farmers donate banana.

    Many balangon banana farmers responded to the urgent call of Alter Trade Corporation Inc. for victims and they contributed around 3 tons of balangon banana.
    The first shipment banana is scheduled to deliver to the victims in Ishinomaki City and Onagawa City, Miyagi prefecture in the middle of May in collaboration with Pal System and Ai Coop Miyagi.

    (1) Message from Tanjay Grower’s Association in Negros Oriental:
    We the growers of Tanjay, Negros Oriental in the areas of Matangad, Malalangse, Novallas, Cogon, Tabuc and Pal-ew wholeheartedly donated these balangon bananas even it is a short banana. We had seen in television and newspaper about the calamity that hit your place Japan, the earthquake and tsunami wherein many of your countrymen or maybe some of your relatives in the said area were died. With this, we the growers of Tanjay sympathize with what happened in your place and people. We are hoping that you will accept our small donations to you all.

    (2) Message from Tubaga, Tupi in Mindanao:
    We are sending 100 boxes of Balangon Banana as our donation for the March 11, 2011 victims of earthquake and tsunami. This also serve as our thanksgiving to our Japanese consumers for patronizing Tupi Balangon which has helped a great deal in alleviating poverty among our marginalized growers both Muslims and Christians alike. Please note that a majority of our growers were formerly NPA and MILF rebels but are now living peaceful and productive lives. Truly indeed Balangon is a fruit of love and peace.

    Salvacion Farmer’s Association (CBSFA) in Negros Oriental
    Bangkal Balangon Grower’s Association (BBGA) in Negros Oriental
    Tupi Balangon Farmers in South Cotabato
    Farmers transport banana in Negros Oriental
    Support banana gathered in Negros Oriental
    Message from Tanjay Grower’s Association in Negros Oriental
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